Pre-Conference Workshops: Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Continental Breakfast and Workshop Registration
Workshop A: Launching Your Social Recruiting Platform with Little to No Budget
Presented By:
Carolyn Thompson Carolyn Thompson Carolyn Thompson

You don’t have to be a huge corporation to be a trend setter in your industry. Small, boutique companies respond to market fluctuations more easily than large ones giving them an edge in their business. While you don’t need expensive ad campaigns to gather the best and the brightest to your door, becoming known as an employer of choice, one that is filled with motivated thought leaders that work well together toward a common goal, still takes planning.

In today’s competition for talent, many candidates fly low under the radar so they don’t jeopardize their current stream of income. Top producers and key personnel feeling under-appreciated or no longer challenged at their company are using their own social media strategy to find you; their new employer.

In this session, we discuss how to set, execute, tweak, and maintain a social media recruiting campaign that gets you the resources you want using the dexterity of your small business to feed your strategy.

Learn strategies to:

  • Set your recruiting goal
  • Establish your recruiting brand
  • Become known as an industry and/or local thought leader
  • Develop your strategy to find the people you need, when you need them
  • Create a pipeline process that enables you to hire people at their peak
  • Ascertain a timeline for execution and delivery
  • 854
    Workshop B: Attract, Recruit & Retain - Integrating Social Media Into Your Talent Strategy
    Presented By:
    Jennifer McClure Jennifer McClure Jennifer McClure

    In today’s turbulent economic and employment environment, creating a well-defined and effective talent strategy to support the organization’s overall business strategy is more critical than ever. To attract, recruit and retain the “right” talent, new thinking and innovation in the areas of employer branding, recruiting and employee engagement is required - and integrating social media and social networks into your talent strategy can help.

    In this workshop, attendees will explore several “best practices” and unique methods that leading companies have incorporated into their talent strategies to effectively compete for talent and win in the current marketplace. Jennifer will cover:

  • Integrating social media into your Talent Strategy – that ultimately supports the business strategy
  • Monitoring and listening to understand how your company/your brands are viewed today and to develop a plan for the future
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to it’s fullest for sourcing candidates, promoting and posting jobs, as well as branding your company - with either a free or paid account
  • Going beyond the search aspect of LinkedIn and into building relationships, candidate pipelines and creating “talent communities”
  • Twitter success tips and secrets for finding and engaging with top talent
  • The importance of your Careers Site (and why you should have one)
  • How YouTube can help your company build its employment brand and enhance recruiting efforts
  • The “best kept social media secret” for you and your organization – blogging
  • Other “cool tools” that may be a fit for your social recruiting strategy.

  • Primary Learning Objective:

    Integrating social media into your Talent Strategy and utilizing various social media tools to build and share your employment brand, as well as to retain and engage current employees.

    What participants will gain:

    1. Understanding the keys for maximizing the use of the most prominent social media tools for recruiting

    2. Tips for choosing which sites to include in your personal and corporate social media strategy

    3. How to integrate social recruiting activities into your existing recruiting strategy

    4. Tools and plans for managing time spent using social media as a part of your recruiting activities – and how to save time in other areas

    5. Social media “best practices” from small and large companies in a variety of industries 861
    Workshops Adjourn

    Conference Day Two: Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    Continental Breakfast and Registration
    Introduction by Conference Emcee Dwane Lay, Author, MBA, LSS Black Belt, SPHR, Head of HR Process Design, Dovetail Software
    Presented By:
    Dwane Lay Dwane Lay Dwane Lay

    Keynote: Social Media’s Impact and Recruiting Outlook for 2013
    Presented By:
    John Sumser John Sumser John Sumser

    John Sumser was the first person to describe the evolution of online recruiting. He's been chronicling talent communities and employment branding since the late 1990s. John has been the lead researcher on HRxAnalyst's groundbreaking Index of Social Technologies in HR and Recruiting. In this keynote address, Sumser will take the audience on a tour of the recurring themes and progress from a decade of social recruiting. Sumser will provide a guide and forecasts for 2013. He'll tell you what to watch out for in referrals, video recruiting, the four major social platforms, location-based sourcing, data driven recruiting, communities, mobile, targeting, source data aggregation, social learning and ATS integration.847
    Social Recruiting in Regulated Industries – A Case Study of Fidelity Investments
    Presented By:
    Kelle Thompson Kelle Thompson Kelle Thompson

    Join Kelle, Director of Recruitment Strategies, as she explains how implementing a social recruiting program in a regulated environment affects the rules of the game. In this session you 'll hear about the lessons learned over a 12-month journey to launch a social recruiting presence, including how to make the most of small wins, identify key partnerships, and stay the course.914
    Refreshments and Networking
    Tapping Into the Top 10% - Transforming You/Your Company Into a Recognized Industry Thought Leader
    Presented By:
    Carolyn Thompson Carolyn Thompson Carolyn Thompson

    As recruiters we want to reach the high potential/high performer people as quickly as we can and lure them over to our companies. In order to more effectively interact with these people via social media, we need to really understand what they are thinking, saying, feeling, doing and what they find compelling.

    Join Carolyn as she discusses data from a recent white paper research project surveying a variety of companies and firms across the US on interviewing employees identified as high performer/high potential people. The results data will be analyzed in a variety of demographics serving to enlighten fellow recruiters on how to reach these people and personally to attract them to their companies. You will learn what’s important to them, where they are interacting and what grabs their attention. 854
    Employment Branding: A Case Study of Groupon
    Presented By:
    Dustin Carper Dustin Carper Dustin Carper

    Join Dustin, Employment Brand Strategist for Groupon, as he walks through Groupon’s implementation of social recruiting strategy – a one-man show. First, with no budget at all, utilizing Twitter, Facebook pages and LinkedIn, now Groupon has had success with PPC ad campaigns, and their people blog – to show candidates what it's really like to work at Groupon. Dustin will discuss analytics and lessons learned in employment branding strategies, the role of talent communities, and review analytics of those efforts utilized. He’ll share case study information to maximize your recruiting efforts.863
    Networking Luncheon
    How to Create User Adoption of HR Software Applications
    Presented By:
    William Tincup William Tincup William Tincup

    Organizations spend considerable amounts of resources (time, labor, financial) on HR software implementations with the goal of improving performance and recordkeeping. However, many organizations are often left wondering whether or not the investment of those resources was a wise decision. When there is a gap between desired improvements and actual results, it is often because user adoption of the new software is shockingly poor. In this session attendees will learn how to maximizetheir investments by effectively managing the specific processes involved in a major software change implementation.

    Attendees will learn how to:

  • Avoid the wrong technology vendor
  • Negotiate a great contract
  • Ensure satisfaction with your vendor

  • 1:50pm
    Optimizing LinkedIn in Your Recruiting Efforts
    Presented By:
    Craig Fisher Craig Fisher Craig Fisher

    Ajax Social Media is the first company to be awarded certification for LinkedIn Training. Learn firsthand from these social media training experts how to make social media a practical part of your recruitment strategy. In this informative session, attendees will learn to optimize your use of LinkedIn as a recruiter. Learn how to build a professional and SEO friendly profile that attracts business, identify how to connect with clients and candidates in a professional manner and learn how to build your company’s reputation through LinkedIn groups, discussions, events and other applications. 852
    Break and Refreshments
    10 for 7 Presentation: Work4Labs
    Mobile Recruiting and ROI
    Presented By:
    Craig Fisher Craig Fisher Craig Fisher

    Mobile check-in services are all the rage in marketing. Recruiting can benefit from these “geo-social” mobile applications as well. Job posting, recruiting, and employment branding can all be done with location-based mobile services. Recruiting industry veteran, Craig Fisher (@fishdogs), demonstrates innovative ways to use proximity mobile apps such as Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places to find and attract talent, and build employer brand awareness. He’ll suggest some best practices for your recruiting team and employees, and how to incorporate these tools into your social recruitment strategy852
    Panel Discussion: Tips & Tricks for Social Recruiting
    Presented By:
    Dwane Lay Dwane Lay Dwane Lay

    William Tincup William Tincup William Tincup

    Jennifer McClure Jennifer McClure Jennifer McClure

    Jason Webster Jason Webster Jason Webster

    Adjourn to Networking Reception

    Conference Day Three: Thursday, January 31, 2013

    Continental Breakfast and Registration
    Candidates just want to be loved… is that so wrong?
    Presented By:
    Chloé Rada Chloé Rada Chloé Rada

    Join, Chloé Rada, Senior Marketing Manager, Talent Acquisition for Sodexo, as she explains how Sodexo’s social recruiting strategy has evolved to create a sense of community and improve the candidate experience. As the voice of Sodexo Careers, Chloé will share firsthand knowledge of how to manage social profiles to help strengthen the employment brand and increase talent community engagement. In this session, you will also learn how Mobile Apps and Pinterest can be used as part of your recruiting strategy.

    In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What social platforms should you consider for your recruiting strategy
  • How you can increase participation from community
  • What tools can help you track and measure results
  • 860
    Social Recruiting on a Tight Budget: Lessons Learned from a Non-Profit, A Case Study of NPR
    Presented By:
    Lars Schmidt Lars Schmidt Lars Schmidt

    Join Lars, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition and Innovation at NPR as he shares how NPR’s social recruiting strategy was built, implemented and evolved. First, with the implementation of @nprjobs and later with #NPRlife, Lars will discuss the success of starting small and scaling a successful social campaign to build an employment brand and recruit the best talent. NPR is well known in broadcast but emerging as a digital organization. Learn how Lars utilized social to recruit talent against other organizations and employers like Google. Reaching over 10,000 Twitter followers in its first year, Lars will discuss how @nprjobs has shapped the social recruiting strategy of NPR and how other platforms like instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and others have helped replace job boards and save resources. Finally, Lars will discuss the value of involving your employees in your social strategy.866
    Refreshments and Networking
    IHG + TMJ = ROI: A Case Study of InterContinental Hotels Group and TweetMyJobs
    Presented By:
    Francene Taylor Francene Taylor Francene Taylor

    Gary Zukowski Gary Zukowski Gary Zukowski

    Join us for this unique case study presentation on InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the global hotel company whose goal is to create Great Hotels Guests Love.™ IHG has more guest rooms than any other hotel company in the world—that’s rooms in more than 4,500 hotels across nearly 100 countries. Over the last few years, IHG has been strategically building a social media presence to attract and engage with talent worldwide, and has utilized TweetMyJobs to do much of the heavy lifting of distribution, targeting, and branding for their social recruiting needs. In this session, Francene Taylor, Director of Resourcing for the Americas, and Gary Zukowski, Founder of TweetMyJobs, will share IHG’s expanding footprint in social recruiting and how this effort is driving revenue to their organization.856,858
    The Social Jobs App for Facebook Demystified
    Presented By:
    Stéphane Le Viet Stéphane Le Viet Stéphane Le Viet

    We are at an exciting juncture in the history of the recruiting industry. We not only have professional networks in place to connect active job seekers with specialized positions, but we also--for the first time--have the buy- in from active and passive talent on personal networks such as Facebook.

    This past November, the Social Jobs Partnership launched the Social Jobs App on Facebook, creating a central location for recruiters to share jobs with the Facebook’s 1 billion user community. Yet confusion about the purpose and potential of the app has led many industry professionals to express concern. “Facebook” as an entity still conjures up the image of a truly social--i.e. not professional--platform. But for many of Facebook’s users, that context has already begun to change. While many may agree with the above point, they still worry that the app itself lacks value or application. They ask, is this meant to compete with professional networking sites like LinkedIn? Does the app work? Will anyone know where to go to see my jobs?

    In this session, Work4 Labs CEO Stéphane Le Viet will address:

  • The differences between the Social Jobs App and professional networking sites.
  • How to effectively leverage the Social Jobs App to promote your brand and engage with both passive and active candidates.
  • Why Facebook--and the Social Jobs App --is a recruiting platform you can’t afford to ignore.
  • Case studies of companies that have effectively begun to recruit on Facebook.
  • 845
    Networking Luncheon
    Executive Recruiting in the Social Era: Using LinkedIn and Video to Recruit Senior Level Executives
    Presented By:
    Hank Stringer Hank Stringer Hank Stringer

    LinkedIn and live or recorded Internet video streaming have dramatically changed the traditional executive search industry providing greater talent reach, quicker assessments and faster time to executive hire. Today we explore LinkedIn and Video best practices for executive search, how they are used today and how future technology advances could change our traditional executive search business model.849
    Gamification of Global Social Recruiting – Case Study of My Marriott Hotels
    Presented By:
    David Y. Kippen, PhD David Y. Kippen, PhD David Y. Kippen, PhD

    While doing market research in Mumbai, Dr. David Kippen, Chief Strategist for Evviva Brands came up with the idea to develop a social game for Marriott International as a key element of the strategy to address Marriott's global recruiting challenges in emerging markets. Marriott embraced the idea and opened their kitchens to the Evviva team. The result, "My Marriott Hotel," exceeded everyone's expectations. The game was covered as news across global major media from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, MSNBC, Mashable, Forbes and Fox Business News to the Times (of London) and the Economic Times (India) and lit up the blogosphere becoming a smash hit for the brand. Subsequently, the success of the game led to the launch of Evviva Games, a subsidiary devoted exclusively to branded social game development.

    In this interactive session, Dr. Kippen will take you through the back story of the game's strategy and development through game launch. He will also discuss the structure of successful social games, when gamification's right for a brand--and what to consider before you decide to make games part of your strategy.

    Participants will takeaway:

  • an understanding of the basic principles of social gaming and the mechanics of social game development
  • a framework for deciding when "gamification" makes sense--and the basics they'll need to build a business case
  • a case study showing the impact game development can have on talent attraction clear metrics to show the benefit, in dollars, cents, clicks, countries and "likes" to show the impact of well-executed game strategy on recruiting and reputation goals
  • 850
    Break and Refreshments
    The Sound of Mobile Recruiting: Developing a Career Mobile App
    Presented By:

    You hear it all the is the buzz all around the recruiting recruiting. How are you going to harness the power of the mobile industry and make it work for your recruitment efforts? Grab hold of this opportunity to be one of the early adopters of this technology.

    Now, more than ever, your candidates are more accessible via mobile technology. This session will introduce you to mobile recruiting and the concepts you need to understand to reach your candidates and to help make yourself more productive.

    During this session you will:

  • Learn why you should develop a mobile recruitment strategy, and how lessons learned from mobile marketing campaigns can help benefit your recruitment plan.
  • Understand the key concepts of mobile recruiting in order to better navigate through marketing territory and help leverage mobile resources for your recruiting efforts.
  • Explore sites that you can use to help augment your mobile recruiting program
  • Explore applications that will help enhance your recruiting efficiency and expand your candidate reach.
  • Explore the apps candidates' access most and how you can help harness these apps for your recruitment strategies.
  • 859
    5 Trends to Jump on for 2013
    Presented By:
    Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown

    Closing Remarks by Conference Emcee Dwane Lay, Author, MBA, LSS Black Belt, SPHR, Head of HR Process Design, Dovetail Software
    Presented By:
    Dwane Lay Dwane Lay Dwane Lay

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