Social Recruiting Strategies Conference || Jan 28-30,2014
Closing Keynote: Effectively Targeting and Engaging Millennial Hires
The generation that came of age around the turn of the century has some unique characteristics, including an unprecedented comfort level with digital media communications. Members of “Generation Y” tend to use social media and mobile technology almost exclusively to communicate. Approximately 73% of employers have successfully hired candidates using social media tools, and tech-savvy applicants and hiring companies are finding creative ways to attract notice through platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Recruiters who are seeking the best and brightest Millennials are rethinking the way they reach out to the group. One important way to target upcoming hires is to create an employment brand – a company persona that speaks the same language and communicates via the same venues. That’s why many forward-thinking companies are integrating social and mobile media platforms directly into their sourcing, recruiting, and onboarding processes. This is especially crucial for businesses in fast growth mode and those in the high tech sector.

3 things attendees will learn:

  • Learn how to create an employment brand that will help leverage social media and mobile technology in the hiring process
  • Explore technologies available to connect Millennials with recruiters and potential employers.
  • How social media is the future in the hiring industry for both job seekers and employers
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