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Friday, February 2 - 1:00 pm-1:45 pm

Revenge of the Nerds! Must-Have Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Join KRT’s Chief Nerds Ryan Christoi and Eric Holwell as they PivotTable you through today’s candidate journey and break down how best way to capture metrics and measure the success of your recruitment marketing efforts. This practical how-to session will cover:

  • What to track and how to track it
  • Attaining the full funnel view
  • Assisted conversions & source of influence reporting

They will also uncover best ways to measure meaningful performance trends such as cost per application by source, app-to-hire ratios and application quality benchmarks.  

Eric Holwell KRT Marketing

Eric Holwell
VP of Operations
KRT Marketing
Ryan Christoi KRT Marketing

Ryan Christoi
Managing Partner
KRT Marketing
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