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Friday, February 2 - 3:25 pm-4:10 pm

Diversity Recruitment in 2018: Improve Hiring Practices and Building a Strong Team

The best diversity recruiting takes place at organizations that embrace and promote diversity as a competitive advantage, in companies where the business case is made to prove it.  Increases in innovation, creativity, and reductions in turnover have all been attributed to diversity in the office. Yet many businesses still do not reflect the diversity of the American population, especially among the ranks of senior leadership. This engaging panel will discuss ways recruiters can improve diversity at their organization today, for a competitive advantage tomorrow.

Sam Sepah Google

Sam Sepah
Global HR Program Manager
Marvin Stickel Coinbase

Marvin Stickel
Head of Sourcing & Diversity Recruiting Strategy
Aubrey Blanche Atlassian

Aubrey Blanche
Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Torin Ellis The Torin Ellis Brand (Moderator)

Torin Ellis
Principal & Diversity Strategist
The Torin Ellis Brand (Moderator)
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