If you’re one of those recruiters who wears multiple hats and does everything on your own from sourcing to full life cycle recruiting then chances are you need to have some tricks and techniques to save time and do a smart work. Most of the administrative tasks and sourcing can take quite a lot of time and you will end up not having much time to do real recruiting. Installing some browser extensions can help you do a smart work and use your time wisely and become productive.



Being a recruiter, you know the importance of reaching out timely to your potential candidates. Don’t lose out on the top talent by not having their email address now. Using  Hunter chrome extension will help you find the email address of your potential candidates. Simple install this chrome extension it will show possible email addresses and the accuracy of each email addresses.  


If you are looking for meeting schedulers then  Calendly will be a great use. It will let you schedule ad hoc meetings, routine meetings with your potential candidates and even override the ones you had already scheduled. Setting up an account at Calendly.com will let you use the  Chrome extension seamlessly.


Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail will help you become more productive with your time by allowing you to schedule email campaigns, send emails later, track when the emails are opened. It will let you send reminders that way you can follow up with your potential candidates and don’t have to miss out on great talent.



Mightysourcer is a great sourcing tool for finding phone numbers and email address of your potential candidates. It will let you add potential candidate’s profile to your MightyRecruiter account, and send them an email inviting them to apply to your job — all within seconds. And it is free and can use it on any social media platform like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. It will also give you quick access to additional information like skills, work experience, education, and contact information. That makes it even better!



One of my networks sent me an invitation to  discover.ly and when I accepted and logged in I was surprised to see the mutual connections we had and thought this can be a great tool for references. If you are one of the recruiters who would reach out to your friends and network for referrals then Discoverly’s browser extension will allow you to reveal mutual connections between you and your potential candidate and reach out to one of the mutual connections to check if the candidate is going to be a great fit or not.



You type so fast and chances are you might make some mistakes before you even hit that send button. Installing  Grammarly will make your emails typo-free, and it has free spelling and grammar checker. It will highlight any minor or major grammar mistakes and suggests you the right way to correct it. Having this chrome extension will even improve your grammar skills and will let you send professional emails to your prospects.


TextUs Extension

Candidates respond so quickly for a Text message vs an email. Installing  TextUs chrome extension will let you connect with your candidates who are on the go and get a fast response from them in no time. This extension will allow you to instantly communicate via two-way text message with your potential candidates from your CRM, ATS or any website for that matter. You can even dramatically speed up communication by importing Groups and sending Broadcast Messages. All of your messages and contacts are synced between the TextUs Web App, Mobile Apps, and Chrome Extension to allow you to easily manage your texting conversations. This extension will automatically detect which phone numbers on the page are mobile vs. landlines to make sure your message gets through!



Buffer is a simple and easy tool for you to share/promote your job opportunities with potential candidates. You can schedule posts to multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus all at once. Promoting your jobs to your networks mean you will get to reach out to a large number of potential candidates and having the ability to schedule it multiple times a day/week will get you the visibility for the job you are trying to fill. It will let you track results and provide analytics about how many people click on your job/shared your jobs and social media mentions etc.


Sideways Dictionary

If you are a non IT person like me and working on IT recruiting/sourcing then this is a must-have tool.  Sideways Dictionary’s google chrome extension will help you find and share analogies to explain technological ideas. It provides definitions for those obscure tech terms and explains it in a simple manner so a non-tech person can follow along. Click the extension icon to see an expanded sidebar list of all tech terms detected on the page and their top analogies. Hover a highlighted tech term within the page’s text to see an analogous definition in a small overlay.  You can set it to highlight all instances of a found word, or only its first occurrence and set it to automatically run on every page, or on click of the extension icon in the browser bar.


Hello Talent

Proactive recruiting is what makes you successful in recruiting. That means you have to find candidates and engage with them even before your positions become open.  Hello Talent chrome extension will help you source candidates from any platform that you find online and add them to a collaborative talent pool. You can even organize your talent pool by adding tags, status updates, and comments. Now you don’t have to wait for the right candidate to apply for your job, rather do a proactive recruiting by reaching out to them and start engaging them even before the position becomes open.

What other chrome extensions would you add to the list that makes you do a smart work?


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Nisha Raghavan is the Talent Attraction and Employer Branding Specialist at the American Heart Association. Prior to this, she worked in the telecommunications and media industry to help attract, engage and retain talent. She writes about her Global HR experiences at her blog Your HR Buddy!! Connect with her on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @TheHrbuddy