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Thursday, July 30, 2020 - 1:30 pm CDT

College Recruiting: Tips for Communicating with Campus Candidates

As generations change, the way they communicate changes too. From the rise of new channels and new lingo, to expectations and attention spans, we can’t assume what has always worked for college students will be the right strategy. In this session, Lane Sutton (from the Walmart employer brand team) and Susan LaMotte (from the employer brand consulting firm exaqueo) will engage in a spirited discussion about how to best communicate with your college and university audiences. With the shift to virtual strategies in this tumultuous year, they’ll cover how to reach college students where they are, what students want to know about you as an employer and how Walmart turned a segmented Campus brand into a unified enterprise brand.

Susan LaMotte exaqueo

Susan LaMotte
Founder and CEO
Lane Sutton Walmart

Lane Sutton
Recruitment Marketing Manager
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