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Brittany Goren

Talent Acquisition Analyst
Aspen Advisors

Brittany Goren is an analyst at Aspen Analytics, an analytics and workforce strategy firm.  Over the course of the past five years, Brittany has developed into an analyst specializing in talent acquisition.  She has completed several analyses for some of the largest companies in the world on topics of candidate experience, diversity, and protected classes. Brittany has been very active in assisting HR technology firms and employers in writing job ads, building mobile apps that house recruiting processes and tools, and creating hiring guides for hiring managers. To date, Brittany has been involved in the analysis over 100 companies and their data, and has been deeply involved in the recruiting strategy of 10 worldwide companies.  

As an analyst, Brittany has continued to develop her skillset surrounding effective use of metrics, reports, and dashboard visualizations to develop data stories to be presented to  executives for decisions based on data.  Brittany continues to stay close to recruiting by having her responsibilities include leading calls with hiring managers and company executives on actual openings through a special program where Aspen takes over recruiting for businesses with 100 to 250 hires annually. As an analyst in talent acquisition, she is one of the few who engages with candidates, hiring manager, and executives operationally on a regular basis, which makes her an even sharper analyst. 

Brittany has her Bachelors of Science in Business from Keystone College, and her Masters in Human Resources and Employment Relations from Penn State University. 

Brittany Goren's Session(s)

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