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Wednesday, January 31 - 9:15 am

Start Acting Like a Media Company: Content Strategy for Quality Recruiting

For those of you who were told years ago that your job was to no longer be a recruiter, but a marketer, prepare to be blindsided again. In the digital world where your employment brand is attracting (or repelling) talent, you have to leverage digital platforms to tell your story. That’s why I’m encouraging you to no longer think of yourself as a marketer – imagine yourself a Storytelling Producer and Curator; envision your employment brand as your overarching “network” (like a television network) and the stories you share are your shows. How will you satisfy and entertain your tuned-in audiences?

In this hands-on workshop we are going to roll up our sleeves and begin designing what makes your “network” one that’s worth tuning in to. We will discuss the art of video production and how you can become a proud video producer. Video is critical towards a successful talent attraction and retention strategy. Candidates expect transparency and when they don’t receive it, we can’t expect them to hang around for very long. The good news is that all the content is right there in front of you – you just have to recognize, capture and share it.

Finally we will discuss digital platforms and how you want to begin your content strategy. Recognizing where the particular talent you seek “is” is step one – there is not a catch all for everyone, so I’ll encourage you to do some thinking prior to the start of this workshop. Planning, designing and launching the stories to capture them is next. You will leave with filled-in worksheets and something truly tangible to share with your teams and leadership.

I look forward to kicking off SRSC with you and giving you a head-start on your strategy. Let’s do this, #futuremediamogul!

Major Takeaways:

  •    Discover content that will resonate with your prospective talent audiences
  •    Leverage (internal & external) influencers to share your messages in an authentic way

·    Evaluate the effectiveness of your content and determine next course of action

Kristin Dudley Co-Create LLC

Kristin Dudley
Co-Create LLC
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