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Wednesday, January 30 - 9:00–12:00

Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Respected.
How to Maximize Your Digital Footprint

In this interactive workshop, Tim will focus on a number of different topics to increase the success of recruiters using social recruiting. The learning objectives are to:  

  • Identify talent and create relationships in the digital world so that you can start to fill the hiring pipeline with both immediate and longer-term needs
  • Bolster your personal digital brand, and as a result, strengthen your corporate brand as well
  • Increase your knowledge and proficiency of how to employ social media channels and platforms to support recruiting needs and objectives
  • Help to further educate candidates about “who” you are and “what” you do so you decrease the time to hire, while focusing on candidates who are the right fit for your culture


*Since this session is interactive please bring your laptop.

Tim O’Gorman Deloitte

Tim O’Gorman
Social Media and Content Lead for U.S. Recruitment Brand
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