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Wednesday, January 29 - 3:30 pm–4:15 pm

Switched: Why Some Live A Life Divided At Work

The concept of “bringing your whole self to work” is an often-used phrase to showcase a company’s encouragement for their employees to feel like they belong. However, not all employees feel that they can be their entire self at work. What if segments of your employee population can only bring half of themselves to work every day based on the realities of being a minority? Some minorities feel that they have to suppress elements of their culture, ethnicity, orientation, language, disability, or gender in order to advance up the ranks, be accepted in inner circles, or appear less threatening based on stereotypical perceptions. They live a life divided and have to ‘switch’ who they are in workplace contexts.

John G. Graham Jr. will engage you in roundtable discussions that are facilitated around some of the toughest D&I challenges that we face as employers and in employer branding. The conversations will be uncomfortable but will stretch you to new areas of understanding and compel you to take action upon returning to your organizations. D&I is a contact sport so we ask you to bring an open mind and open heart to help drive meaningful growth during our time together.


John G. Graham Jr. Amgen

John G. Graham Jr.
Sr. Manager Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing
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