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Thursday, January 30 - 1:00 pm–1:45 pm

How to Turn Candidate Experience into an Employer Branding Strategy

Thinking and executing like a marketer has never been truer than for talent acquisition professionals today. Low employment and a tight job market has made recruiting a highly competitive exercise in attracting the individuals who will help grow and sustain your business.

According to Talent Board Candidate Experience Awards Benchmark Research, today’s candidates across generations want to understand why employees work where they work and why they stay there. Candidates want testimonials and to hear directly from the employees and the managers they could potentially work for. They also want to hear what a successful candidate looks like for positions they’re interested as well as the possible career paths they might have. Employers are implementing chat bots and increasing the use of mobile text messaging, translating into higher positive candidate ratings. 

During this informative presentation, Talent Board President Kevin W. Grossman will share insights from the CandE research and award-winning companies on how to turn the candidate experience into an employer branding strategy including:

  • How to ensure career sites are compelling with the right customer-centric approach that entice candidates to apply
  • Why “future fit” and “silver medalist” candidates should be nurtured long after they initially applied
  • How referrals and employer brand advocacy programs are key
  • How today’s smart technologies are empowering more communication pre-application
  • How candidates will take their alliance, product purchases, and relationships elsewhere when they have a poor experience – and how they’ll increase it when it’s great – even before they apply

Kevin Grossman The Talent Board

Kevin Grossman
President & Board Member
The Talent Board
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