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Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm

The Next Generation of Social Recruiting: Leveraging Your Brand's Personality for Social and Recruitment Marketing

Talent acquisition has changed dramatically over the years. Candidates are now profoundly informed consumers with more concern about company culture than ever before, and continuing to attract top talent means developing new strategies that appeal to these applicants. Social recruiting isn’t just sharing job posts on social sites; it is about working with your marketing team to create a strategic social plan and develop engaging content to grow talent pools, offer an impactful candidate experience, nurture passive candidates over time and win over today’s savvy job seekers with unique career opportunities and benefits. The collaboration of HR and marketing departments can yield more effective hiring strategies and execution, higher productivity, increased brand awareness, innovation and a decrease in the time and money spent on recruitment activities.

This sea of change from simply posting job openings on social media to a longer-term approach of building brand awareness, trust and credibility, has also forced HR teams to become more sophisticated with recruitment metrics, enabling employers to make smarter, more scientific hiring decisions. In addition to highlighting case studies of iCIMS customers who are seeing success in social recruiting, this session will explore proprietary and external data from iCIMS to help recruiters and hiring managers better understand hiring supply and demand, social and mobile recruitment behavior and trends.

Susan Vitale iCIMS

Susan Vitale
Chief Marketing Officer
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